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As an introduction I would like to tell you something about myself and my life in the hobby.

As a young boy my interest in birds was stimulated by my father and my uncles who kept birds, I was especially interested by the budgies in my neighbors aviary, they had the nicest colors and were very lively. Apart from rearing and taming Crows and Magpies, keeping birds for myself only started in 1977. I started off with parakeets and Budgies but it was not long before budgies took the upper hand, I converted the shed into an aviary with 10 breeding cages and started breeding selectively, I joined the Dutch B. S. (N.G.C.) now called NPC/DBS of which I am still a member although at the moment I am living in Ireland

When i visited the NGC's show i soon found out that the birds I had were not up to the standard to win anything there. I got into contact with the then famous breeder and International judge, Jac Cornelissen, he was the man who really started me off in this wonderful hobby. over the years he became my tutor and friend as I progressed through the different levels to become a champion breeder. I did well on the shows and had the best bird in show three times in a row at the regional north and east of Holland show, also on a National level I joined the ranks of the top ten champion breeders. Just as the "Mannes era" began I had to leave the hobby due to work commitments.

I was out of the hobby for nearly ten years but a visit to Daniel Lutolf's web site sparked up the flame again. I was so impressed by the birds that he had on show in the site that I built an aviary, breeding cages and paid Daniel a visit. Seeing his birds really made me enthusiastic and i came back to Ireland with twenty birds to start breeding. Ever since I have bought some birds every year and built up a nice stud for Myself. I introduced some English out crosses and hope to have created a bird i can call my own in another few years. 
I have not shown my birds formally yet but that may all change in 2008, I hope to meet you there and don't hesitate to pay me a visit in the beautiful south of Ireland

Jos Reynders

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01/07/2009 16:20

Bi-Monthy July 2009

Another two months gone and I was using my brain a bit to much trying to achieve a great club of fanciers in Ireland. My idea was blown back and a big effort went on to put it on non active. But here I am trying to explain it to you. The club scene  as in the budgies in Ireland is as kind of...


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