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Bi-Monthy July 2009

01/07/2009 16:20

Another two months gone and I was using my brain a bit to much trying to achieve a great club of fanciers in Ireland. My idea was blown back and a big effort went on to put it on non active. But here I am trying to explain it to you.
The club scene  as in the budgies in Ireland is as kind of dead , two meetings a year rushed of in the one day by committee members , ok cost are high but can be overcome in different ways.
My intention was and is to start of a social-budgie-club, a club to meet and learn about budgies as in a monthly or bi-monthly gathering of people with the same interest in more or less the same area. On the last nest feather show I heared people say and ask things that were obvious to me but a secret to them  and I thought they ll have to be taught and they wont learn it through books and magazines.
So I thought of organizing meetings in the South of Ireland for members that are eager to learn , not a club but a social gathering , no committee meetings or minutes ,just budgies this in association with the BSoI .

Who ever is still interested of starting some thing of in the South or however far you want to travel , get in contact with me through e-mail or, a phone call on my mobile and we can sort things out and might get it started.
A summary of idea s are;

  • Breeding problems, talk and live explanation
  • Showpreperation, live and talk
  • Fill in entry forms , live
  • Judging  brought in birds and compare results
  • Recognizing special colours

And much more of this, an annual program could be set up at a first meeting so mail or ring me to get things going.
In the mean time John Hall wants to try and setup a similar thing but in club form for the North side of Ireland this in conjunction with the BSoI

In relation to my new feeding program with the RE-SCHA products I must say it’s a great success, the only problem I have at the moment is to stop the birds to breed.
Great babies are still popping up in every nest.
When my birds came back from the last show, I thought I give them some extra of everything but soon found out they got too much. All the cocks were chasing each other instead of the hens , so I decided after talks with the producer Ulrich Scheafer to stop using the Frucht Mass for a while ,this until I want to prepare them for the breeding season.
As you know this will start in September again for me , I will more or less starve the birds from July till mid August and separate the sexes and then bring it in gently again.
Just to let you know I am so convinced that I ordered extra rings for these months.

Cleaned most of the cages today and have the possibility to put birds from the flights into the cages for a few days to scrub out the flights and the young bird cage. Most nest boxes perches fronts and drawers are clean and ready for use again.

Like I said I will give the birds a minimum of food for 3 to 4 weeks, separate the cocks and hens, this to split up the pairs that were together in the last round. Then by the middle of August I will start to bring up the soft food again to prepare them for the new season.
The show season will be skipped by me this year for several reasons I don t want to discuss in this bi-monthly, so I can fully concentrate on the breeding in September
More then likely I will start of with a few pairs for I bred a lot of late chicks.
Acquired a few new birds in the same line and will probably set up an other two lines now I got the hang of my Lutolf line and know what they give.

For every restarter or newcomer in the hobby I can tell you it takes at least 4 to 5 years to find out what you bought and how to work with them.
The two new lines will be used to introduce, stand on perch as in free from the perch, blow and thirdly size. For this I will also extend with 10 to 20 cages this to keep the lines separate for the first one or two years

Till then, enjoy your show season and be well prepared for your breeding that’s what it is all about, when you don t produce them you cannot show them.

As an ending of this months bi-monthly I want to say that I hope that the Irish budgie scene will someday see the light, get friendly and try to arrange ONE BIG SHOW.